History of Limousines

There have been limousines in some form since the 1700s. While the limousine as we know it has only been around for several decades, there have been chauffeured vehicles taking people to know where they needed to go for much longer than that.

The very first automobile limousine was developed in 1902, and it was designed so that the driver would be outside under a covered compartment. The origin of the word “limousine” comes from the covered compartment that somewhat looked like the cloak hook worn by residents of Limoges.

The first casual stretch limousine came into creation in Arkansas in 1928. These vehicles were colloquially known as “big band buses” due to the fact that they were often used to transport famous big band leaders along with their orchestras.

Limousines started to really become a popular mode of transportation in the 1930s, when they started being used as a way to transport guests of hotels from the airport to the hotel. The movie industry began using these vehicles as soon as they started to become popular. Movie studios would use limousines to transport film crew and stage personnel around the sets of films. These vehicles became a common accessory for actors and actresses of the time.

It wasn’t long before the six-door limousine was invented, and they were typically used for funerals at first. As limousines gained more and more popularity with the public, they started being used by everyone from movie stars to the President of the United States to wherever they needed to go.

The primary reasons that limousines became so popular so quickly is because they offered a certain comfort, style and luxury that no other vehicles did at the time. Today, limousines are frequently used to transport the rich and famous, and there are many different models available. New technologies are being used with these vehicles, adding to the comfort and luxury that they are already known for. These days people hire limousines for a number of reasons, including going to and from clubs, for weddings, wine tours and parties.